The administration of the Masteron differs according to the requirement and the purpose of the user. There are few administrations of the Masteron will help you to get the detail.

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The perfect dose of Masteron for an adult is 300-400mg in a week. A 100mg injection is needed to be taken in every alternative day for 6 to 8 weeks. But keep in mind that the entire cycle doesn’t end up in 6 to 8 weeks. You can consider it as the common time for taking Masteron. Sometimes, people split the dose of daily injection. 1 or 2 Drostanolone Enanthate version injection in a week, can give you a perfect dose but remember that the version is not available in the market.


If the Drostanolone Enanthate is used in the treatment of breast cancer then 100mg dose should be taken twice in a week. The patient needs to continue the dose up to 8-12 weeks. You may face few virilisation symptoms as a side effect of taking the doses but this is any time better than the life-threatening diseases like Cancer and growing tumours.


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The female bodybuilders should take the 50mg dose per week and continue it up to 4 to 6 weeks to get the best result. If the user is able to tolerate the dose up to 100 mg per week then it can be continued. When you are taking the dose you need to check the hormonal tolerance. The higher dose of the steroid and for longer than 4 to 6 weeks increases the risk of virilisation symptoms. So, you need to be conscious of the symptoms while taking the dose.

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I am not experienced in doing proper cycles in my life. But in the last year, I took 200 mg test in a week. It increased my weight at a serious level never like before. Now, I need to cut it off. I take occasional breaks and focus on the running. I am thinking of taking Masteron to get a good result in leaning. If I taking 300-400 mg Masteron a week along with the 200mg test, what can I expect? I need to do a blood test in every three months as well. Will the cycle leave any effect on the test? What side effect should I expect from the cycle?

Adam Jacques, professional bodybuilder, INBF/WNBF and INBA/PNBA member:

I have a real doubt on the capability and honesty of the doctor. The dose of 200mg is double of the regular dose for trt. Masteron can give you a good result only when your body weight is low. It is effective for the people who want to get a polish on the lean body. Another good effect of this stuff is that it helps in lowering sbgh or binding to it first allowing less-test to bind. I cannot remind it completely. But I don’t know if it can change the blood work dramatically. Will the extra unbound test show high estrogen level in your blood work by taking the drug? Again the answer is IDK. As far as I know, the anti-estrogen steroid is perfect to harden your body and rising up your strength. You can continue this cycle for 10 weeks and stop before going for a blood test.


I am looking for Masterson to add to my next cycle. I had a plan to run test e 500mg and a low dose tren is left in my previous cycle. I am facing trouble in finding Masteron without a prop. So, I was thinking of taking two shots of Masteron prop in a week. Please let me know if there is any problem with it. My plan is to take 500 test e, 200 tren e, 400 mast prop in a week. I am trying to add Masteron in the next cycle anyway. Let me know your suggestions.

Adam Jacques, professional bodybuilder, INBF/WNBF and INBA/PNBA member:

You can go for two times pinning in a week but it will not help you in a noticeable way. You can go for this option but it will not give you a satisfactory result. You can continue it as it has no risk factor to kill you but you will not get a remarkable result to achieve any goal from it.


I should admit that this forum is full of valid information. I have some query too. I am now 28years old and my height is 6ft and weight is 200 and BF is at 10-13%. I have one bottle Test E at 200 mg/ml along with 100mgs/ml Masteron propionate. My goal is to put on some weight but keep the structure hard. I am in the bodybuilding training since the year of 1997. In the year of 2002, I went through shoulder surgery. I feel like I will not be able to build up my muscles again. So, I am asking this question to get a genuine answer before getting into the cycle in a proper way. I have heard about Masteron which is not only anti-estrogen but also leaner at the same time. I need your advice to start the cycle.

Adam Jacques, professional bodybuilder, INBF/WNBF and INBA/PNBA member:

The structure is good and you can also add the Masteron as you wanted. But if the dose of Masteron is 200mg then you may not get an effective result at all. 200mg testosterone will only make your body harden. It will only give you 3-5 lbs muscle. You can go for the following dose to get a good result. Wk1-8 250mg Test Enanth p/w Wk4-8 250mg Masteron p/w This holds a low dose of but the SHBG effect will help you. You can pin the Masteron 4x a week and 2x test’rono in a week. The mastorone level is not so high in this cycle to build up the muscles. If you want the best result in muscle building then you need to go for the 300-400mg Masteron and testosterone.


I am thinking of trying a cycle along with the Masteron, Deca, and Test. What do you think of it? Have you ever experienced it and what is the result I can expect from this cycle? Please share your opinion, dosage, and reactions.

Adam Jacques, professional bodybuilder, INBF/WNBF and INBA/PNBA member:

The combination of Test and masteron can give you an amazing result. It helps not only to harden your body but also in case of ending up the estrogen as well. You are not a gyno prone then the cycle of Test/Masteron/Deca can give you an expected result. But you need to keep in mind that Deca has the side effects that are exerted via progesterone. You can use some cabergoline to be on the safe side. The right dose of Masteron is 500mg per week which is not used by most of the people. It will give the best result if you are under 10% bf level as well. Masteron is known as DHT derivative. Masteron works similarly like Winny but the best part of masteron is that it never causes a joint pain like winny. So, you may not experience the strength like a result of using Winny but it will work without giving you the pain on the joints. I will suggest the following cycle. 12 Weeks 500mg Test E 500mg Masteron 600mg EQ Including EQ, IMHO in this cycle can give you a more significant result. But if you are not a gyno prone and want an overall good result then you can continue Deca in this cycle as well.

  1. Planning a 12 week cycle with Masteron, Test, Tren and Winstrol. What is considered the perfect Masteron dose for hardening and vascularity?

    1. That’s a nice cutting cycle you have there. Most find between 400-600mg/week of Masteron to be the perfect dose. Of course some people use excessive doses of 1,000mg or more but it’s not necessary. Depends on your fitness level and goals. I’d start with 400-600 and then increase the dose if you want to take it to the next level.

  2. I’m about to start my cutting cycle and looking forward to the results. Any ideas on how long it takes before Masteron to start working?

    1. Mast is an awesome compound to use in a cutting cycle. Between weeks 2 and 3 you should start to notice harder, tighter muscles and more pronounced definition. It’s crazy what your body can look like from a good stack. It will really work if you are really lean already.

  3. I was seeking a perfect combination with Masteron and I thinking of taking ester together with it will gain muscles, Is it safe to use these steroids, and will it resulted to gain or less muscle mass?

    1. Base on my experience, I went through strengthening and gain and hardened my muscles, Together with healthy nutrition you will have the best result. I also tried Anadrol but it gives me a lot of water retention so I prefer Masteron.

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