In 1961, Drostanolone Propionate came into the market for medical use. This steroid had great use in treating the advanced level of breast cancer which is not operable at all. The hormone therapy is considered as one of the best ways to control the growth of the tumors effectively. Especially, in the case of breast cancer, the tumors grow fast by using the estrogen. This steroid used to block the receptors and decrease the expression of the estrogen on your cells and membrane to control the spreading of the tumors. This steroid was one of the most responsive options, which was FDA proved in those days when the breast cancer patients had not many ways to defeat the disease. Its low androgenic rate reduces the scope of virilization in comparison to the testosterone.

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Now people have many other options to avail for treating breast cancer. But when the patient fails to receive a good result from the other treatments can opt for Drostanolone Propionate. But the course of treatment and use of the steroid depend on the medical condition of the patient. You need to keep in mind that the virilization arrives when overdoses are taken in a continuous way. The uses of this particular steroid in bodybuilding are also remarkable. But you need to know the right dosage to avoid the side effects while taking this steroid.

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You can buy injectable Masteron right now. Famous brands and premium pharmaceutical quality only.
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This anabolic steroid has anti-estrogenic properties which work effectively in case of bodybuilding and hormonal therapy. If you are going through a bodybuilding cycle then you must know the right dosage of the Masteron to get a remarkable change. The effect of the hormones in building body and leaning your figure is undeniable. This steroid is basically used to provide you the best result in this case by using its anti-estrogenic effect. You can cut off the excess fat from your body easily by taking this in the right dose and make your body hard and dry at the same time. The effect of this steroid reflects on your body within a few days of your cycle.

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Is there anyone who has experience in taking Mastaplex 100 or 200 (it has enanthate) of Masteron or Axio labs? I have 30mg but I need to know how to cycle it and what do I need to take with it.

Adam Jacques, professional bodybuilder, INBF/WNBF and INBA/PNBA member:

I have experience in using both the Propionate and the Enathate. Do you need to clarify which one do you have to select the dose? I take both of these on a regular basis. You can take Testosterone Propionate or Testosterone Enanthate along with it depending on the type of steroid you have. The dose for a beginner should be like Test Prop = 100-150mg every alternative day Dros Prop = 100mg every alternative day or Test Enan = 200-300mg two times a week (Monday and Thursday for example) Dros Enan = 200mg two times in a week But the dose depends on your experience and body fitness. To get more particular answers you need to specify your goals and purposes. How many you want to lose is important to know for making the dose clear to you.


My second cycle of 350 mg test prop per week is finished recently. In this cycle, I did a minor change. I turned the dose of Arimidex into 0.5mg from 0.25mg.It has given me some gyno change but the water is still there in my face. This time I want to gain some mass without the swellings. I want to continue the following doses. wk 1-6: Masteron 200 mg eod (650 mg/wk) wk 1-6: hCG 350 IU e3d (700 IU/wk) wk 7-9: Clomid frontloaded then 50 mg ed wk 7-9: Nolva frontloaded then 20 mg ed I got this chart from the suggestion of Bill Roberts and at the end of this cycle, I am expecting to gain 6-8lbs of muscle. My current status is 5ft10, 180 lbs, 10% BF. Let me know your opinion in this case.

Adam Jacques, professional bodybuilder, INBF/WNBF and INBA/PNBA member:

I guess you are prone to aromatization and you may face some estrogen side effects from the cycle in which you are taking low testosterone dose and using Arimidex. I will suggest you go for a lab test to check the level of E2 as it will help you later to get more information about it. keeping track of the E2 level will be useful in this case. In the end, your cycle may be considered as the expensive one as you can alter it with the testosterone based cycle. You can also increase the dose of Arimidex or use the Letrozole to keep the E2 level under control. But it is up to you according to your purpose and cost.

  1. Found a lot of interesting information about Masteron. Before I go ahead and order some, I’d like to hear from experienced steroid users. For those who have used Masteron, do you like it and is it worth it?

    1. Masteron is a really good steroid but it only works when your body fat is pretty low, like 10% or less. A lot of people use it before a competition because it’s considered cosmetic. It will definitely harden up your muscles when your body is already shredded. People talk bad about it because they don’t know how to use it. Masteron doesn’t promote weight loss or increase strength.

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