The standard dosage of Masteron for any adult men must fall in between 300 to 400 mg range per week. Generally, this means an injectable dose of 100mg daily for at least total of 6 to 8 weeks. Here 6 to 8 weeks doesn’t represent complete cycle. However, this is the general time frame of the Masteron portion of a stack. Where some might schedule their dose and split the injectable schedule and will be sufficient every other day.

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Moreover, upon getting Drostanolone Enanthate version, 1 to 2 injection per week is enough but it is quite a rare version to get.

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You can buy injectable Masteron right now. Famous brands and premium pharmaceutical quality only.
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On the other hand, to treat breast cancer in female, the standard dose is of 100mg thrice per week for 8 to 12 weeks of time. This will further cause virilization symptoms which might to difficult to reverse. But the fact is it is undeniably far better than the cancer. In addition to that, for female athlete, 50mg per week is more than enough for 4 to 6 weeks of time. Some women may gel well and can be able to tolerate the dose equal to 100 mg per week. This dose range is easy to control for most women keeping in mind the sensitivity of an individual. At some point of time, the virilization symptoms is visible only if the dosage will exceed from that of the 100mg per 4 to 6 weeks of time.

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I am 28 years old, 6ft tall, weigh 200, and [email protected] 10-13%. Right now, I have a bottle of Test E at 200 mgs/ml and Masteron propionate at 100mgs/ml. I want to gain some size, but also harden up. I have been training since 1997, in 2002 witnessed a shoulder surgery and since then I feel like not be able to gain muscle back. Getting closer to 30 years old! I am asking questions here before starting this properly. I have certain concerns regarding a PCT. I have read here Masteron is a great leaner and anti-estrogen. I appreciate your advice and thanks in advance.

Adam Jacques, professional bodybuilder, INBF/WNBF and INBA/PNBA member:

Well, I like the structure as it is good to put the mast and what you did but 200mg of Masteron will give you nothing, and 200mg of test will only give you a hard on. Further, it will stop getting a hard on, all for 3-5lbs of muscle, if you are lucky. Buy another bottle of each and come back. – Wk1-8 250mg Test Enanth p/w; – Wk4-8 250mg Masteron p/w. It is a low dose test, but the SHBG effects of the Masteron will aid in making the 250mg and give the effects of maybe 300-350mg. Inject 4x a week of the Masteron and 2x a week for the testosterone. It is best that you can get from the Masteron at this low dose for muscle building but having 3-400mg a week is great for the best results, along with the same of t’rone.


Looking forward to adding Masteron in my next cycle. I was about to run test e @ 500 and a low dose of tren e that I left over from last cycle. I encountered trouble in getting Masteron which is not prop it is even a possibility to find. Would there be any issue in doing 2 shots of Masteron prop a week? Totaling up to 500 test e, 200 tren e, 400 mast prop per week? Thinking to get Masteron in this next cycle just need an honest opinion thanks!

Adam Jacques, professional bodybuilder, INBF/WNBF and INBA/PNBA member:

Pinning it twice a week will not give optimal results. But not to show here that it is not that beneficial. Some big fans will explain you that even without a perfect stable blood levels that you were wasting good gear. In fact, pinning it for two times a week will give you more than pinning it zero times per week. You can probably add another pin next week to obtain suboptimal effects. Yes, it will work.

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